IN 36 Days, author Hugh Dolan tells the previously untold story of how the Anzac forces planned a precise, complex and daunting seaborne assault on a heavily fortified shore. For the first time Dolan has revealed the details of an amazing military exploit, which until now has been overshadowed by the campaign that followed. Using sources gathered from archives scattered across the globe, 36 Days pieces together the few short weeks during which time the Anzac forces planned the landing of 32,000 men on a foreign, and hostile, shore. The landing was a triumph of the tactical abilities of the Anzac forces, demonstrating their ingenuity and flexibility in comparison to the disaster of the British landings further south. Written with extraordinary narrative vigour, relying on exhaustive research and a true insider’s knowledge of the military world.

“A bunch of stuff came in from General Headquarters including a map showing enemy positions that had come to light from our aeroplane reconnaissances. The Turks have had such a good while to prepare their positions that I think that we will find Gallipoli a tougher nut to crack than we first thought.”

Hugh Dolan is a Squadron Leader in the Australian Air Force, a life that he enjoys and recommends to others. He is currently researching the air
battles over Gallipoli at the Australian Defence Force Academy. He has worked in minor headquarters roles in Australia and overseas. His military career started 15 years ago with enlistment in the British Army as a private. He served in Bosnia as a junior NCO and witnessed the importance of military intelligence in operation planning. He confesses that he initially joined the army after barely graduating with a masters degree in history from Oxford University to pay overdue bills and to see how history is written.

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